New Zealand Tour


We arrived at our accommodation, the Quality Inn Geyserland in mid afternoon, checked in,and were surprised to find that the balcony of our third floor room offered a splendid view across Te Whakarewarewa thermal reserve. The sulphurous smell took a little getting used to, the thick mud volcanoes, bubbling away happily beneath our window were fascinating, the more distant Pohutu geyser with its silica terraces was most impressive, venting steam in copious quantities.

Across the road from the hotel was the beautifully manicured Rotorua Golf Club course. But you could not help noticing that areas next to the fairway were fenced off and carried warning signs. Closer inspection revealed holes in the ground, emitting steam, at the bottom of which were more pools of thick bubbling boiling mud.

Lakeside in Rotorua town there was plenty to keep our interest. The elegant black swans, the regular comings and goings of helicopters and floatplanes taking their airtour  customers for a sightseeing spin over the mountains.

We had seen pictures of Maori longboats, but hadn't realised how long they actually are !!